Cluster+: refined luminaire system using OLED and LED

Ben Wirth of benwirth licht: "Cluster+ is a system which, thanks to its modular concept, can be assembled in lots of different ways. It consists mainly of three or four components: the supporting material (PCBs), binders, the OLED modules and LED components. With Cluster+, the two promising illuminants, OLED and LED, are used with all their technical benefits and are ideally combined into a system. This is intended to provide customers with the option of customizing their own lighting solutions. As a result of multiple addition of the same element, an abstract, organic model is created."

Application areas for Cluster+

  • Table or working luminaire
  • Ceiling or wall lighting
  • Decorative luminaire

Cluster+: modular luminaire using OLED and LED

Design & marketing of Cluster+: benwirth licht


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