OSRAM and the specialist for exclusive store design and interior design Dula jointly developed an OLED ceiling light for high quality shop design.

In order to present the effect of the new OLED luminaires to the customers, they are already being installed in the lobby of the store lighting designer Dula in Dortmund. The special properties characterize OLED as a representative design element, especially for high-end applications.

The luminaires were created following a design concept by the experts at Dula lighting design. Each luminaire consists of a glass panel, wherein nine acrylic blocks – also called OLED Sandwiches - were inlaid, each with two large squared (12 x 12 cm) ORBEOS SDW-058 OLED panels. The luminaires constructed like this are attached to the ceiling, individually adjustable in height, and they cause impressive 3D effects. In addition, the OLED panels can be individually controlled and dimmed wireless via DMX protocol. This creates dynamic visual effects that bathe the room in a warm, soft light.

OLEDs emit planar light; transformation losses, caused for example by reflectors or grids for glare reduction do not occur. When switched off, the sandwiches look like glass blocks. When they are turned on, they emit a steady light. Especially in stores and interior areas OLED can be used in many ways, because the light creates an attractive showcase scenario for goods and furniture. Since OLEDs barely heat up, they are even suitable for the presentation of food and thus enable new applications and lighting solutions.



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