Funded Project „Illumination Innovation“

In April 2013, the project “Illumination Innovation” was launched bringing together the partners taliaYstudio and OSRAM OLED GmbH. The economy agency (“Wirtschaftsagentur”) of Austria’s capital Vienna runs a funding program where cooperations between creative economy and classical industry are supported. In the case of “Illumination Innovation” ambitious designer Talia Radford from taliaYstudio meets industry partner OSRAM OLED GmbH who feeds novel OLED technology with astonishing features into the project.

The aim of the collaboration is to transfer the OLED features – namely mirror-like, transparent or curved surfaces – into product ideas which then will be evaluated with regard to their market acceptance.

The work share is clear. taliaYstudio use their creative potential to adequately highlight the said features in products. OSRAM supports technically with integration knowledge and OLED devices when converting the favoured product ideas into prototypes.

A gadget called „KissCam“ was developed in the framework of the „Illumination Innovation“ project and received a nomination for the German Design Award 2015 (Photo: Stephan Doleschal).


Explore the most important OLED features

Mirror surfaces

Explore the most important OLED features


Explore the most important OLED features
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