LEO Project

In April 2015 a new publically funded project with several technology companies from different European countries was kicked off. The name of the project is LEO stands for Low-cost /energy Efficient Oleds and is also a hint for the main targets. With the introduction of novel materials combinations the LEO consortium is working on colour tunable white OLEDs, hybrid processing schemes, i.e. the combination of wet and vacuum processing, the improvement of the OLED efficiency and a reduction of the production costs.

In order to combine necessary and complementary capacities to reach its ambitious goals, LEO has gathered stakeholders of the OLED lighting device fabrication value chain, including substrate and organic materials suppliers (ArcelorMittal, Cynora), an OLED manufacturer (OSRAM OLED GmbH) and recognized research centers in the field of OLEDs and life cycle analysis (CEA, CNR, Gaiker).

The project is funded by the European commission within the horizon 2020 framework program with the project ID 644742.

Inspection of OLED panels

OSRAM OLED GmbH employee is working on the visual inspection of OLED panels.


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