The OLED module: just plug & play

When developing the OLED module, the primary focus was to find a solution that best leveraged the creative freedom of OLED technology, making it quick and easy to deploy. Operating the OLED module is as easy as connecting a charger to a mobile phone.

There are scarcely any limits placed on the design and application possibilities. The OLED module can for example be used as an unusual solution for shop window lighting or it could serve as the basis for creating your own designer luminaire. The integrated electronics of the ORBEOS Air module means that it can be easily wired in any application. As with all other OLED products, when operating, the heat generated by the OLED module is minimal so it can be touched at any time. The OLED module offers maximum freedom in light design since there are no additional heat sinks, lenses or prisms.

ORBEOS Air provides very soft and warm lighting, without a glare. An OLED designer luminaire made from this module can thus be positioned perfectly in the home, for example to light your dining table. The high quality OLED light is also particularly effective at highlighting exquisite products, such as perfumes or leather goods.

ORBEOS Air makes creative lighting solutions very simple. The OLED module offers all the advantages of the RDW-046 OLED tile in an uncomplicated, ready-to-connect solution. ORBEOS Air has proven electronics that make complex wiring a thing of the past. The integral electronics also permits parallel connection of a number of OLED modules without any problem. Even so, the module is only slightly longer than the plain tile and thus, as is so typical for OLED technology, leaves plenty of space free for creative lighting solutions.

Significant advantages of OLED technology in summary

  • glare-free, uniform area light source
  • good color rendering and high-quality light without delay
  • warm light color, giving a friendly and comforting atmosphere
  • no UV/IR radiation, so ideal for lighting sensitive objects
  • mercury-free and RoHS compliant

Award winning technology

ORBEOS Air Module by OSRAM receives industry award


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