ORBEOS RDW-046: familiar shape with enhanced performance – in a new guise

The RDW-046 OLED panel is proof of our commitment to the consistent improvement of OLED technology. The RMW-046, the first rectangular OLED lighting panel from OSRAM, was a major success thanks to its reflective surface. It was the first time that an illuminant could be built into reflective surfaces such as bathroom mirrors virtually seamlessly and invisibly. The OLED only became visible when switched on and provided warm and even light color without casting shadows on the face of the user.

The second generation from OSRAM - the RDW-046 - is proof that OLED technology is no longer just a light solution for design purposes but is also suitable for functional lighting thanks to the enhanced performance. With a current efficiency of 40 lumen per watt, the new OLED panels even exceed the energy efficiency values of coventional halogen lamps and the brightness and service life performance values have also been doubled.

The advantages of OLED technology in summary

  • glare-free, uniform area light source
  • extremely thin and light
  • good color rendering and high quality light with no time lag when switched on
  • warm light color, giving a friendly light and comforting atmosphere
  • no UV/IR radiation, so they are ideal for lighting sensitive objects
  • mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • future products can be transparent or flexible

Luminaire product line „Butterfly“

Tunto integrates OSRAM OLEDs into wooden luminaires


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