ORBEOS RTW-078: Transparent OLED

The development of the OLED type RTW-078 was aligned with the concept luminaire “Rollercoaster” which was equipped with 30 transparent RTW-078 panels. With a lighting area of 18 cm by 6.5 cm they are offering a transmission value of 57 %, which means they appear like a slight sunglass. In the on-state the transparent OLED emits light into two directions. As a unique benefit, a preferred emission direction can be fixed. This asymmetric emission ratio may be of advantage for some applications. The RTW-078 OLED panel generates light with a remarkable luminous efficacy value of 20 lm/W.

The advantages of OLED technology in summary

  • glare-free, uniform area light source
  • extremely thin and light
  • good color rendering and high quality light with no delay
  • warm light color, giving a friendly light and comforting atmosphere
  • no UV/IR radiation, so they are ideal for lighting sensitive objects
  • mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • future products can be flexible


Transparent OLED Panel ORBEOS RTW-078

RTW-078 in the „Rollercoaster“ luminaire


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