ORBEOS SDW-058+: The next step to general lighting


At the light + building 2014 in Frankfurt/Main OSRAM presented an advanced development of the OLED technology which makes clear that the next step towards functional illumination is successfully done.

In the two previous years a comprehensive performance hattrick could be achieved. Based on the well-known format SDW-058 – the flagship from the ORBEOS product line with the largest form factor and lumen package – the new SDW-058+ was introduced  Showing a luminous efficacy of 65 lm/W at a luminance of 3000 cd/m² and a lifetime of 15000  h (L70) the performance data for the three key parameters efficiency, lumen package and durability could be improved by 50%.

Besides the well-known design opportunities offered by OLED technology due to its thin form factor, the use in classical application segments of general lighting comes closer. Given the performance shown now, OLED technology has caught up with compact fluorescent lamps. Further expected improvement rates put OLEDs more and more into the focus for the use in functional illumination applications.

The advantages of OLED technology in summary

  • glare-free, uniform area light source
  • extremely thin and light
  • good color rendering and high quality light with no delay
  • warm light color, giving a friendly light and comforting atmosphere
  • no UV/IR radiation, so they are ideal for lighting sensitive objects
  • mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • future products can be transparent or flexible


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