ORBEOS SDW-058: the largest panel in the ORBEOS family to meet the most stringent demands for brightness

The second generation of ORBEOS panels will see the product range extended by a third version with square form factor. With a light-emitting surface of approx. 110 cm², the SDW-058 is the largest OLED panel in the ORBEOS series to-date and thus achieves a luminous flux of 67 lumen. As is the case with the CDW-030, the SDW-058 is available with two connection options: tried-and-tested soldered connection or new contact technology with a pin connector.  When used in conjunction with the corresponding matching unit - also available - this enables plug-&-play connection of the OLED panels in luminaires or installations.

The second generation of ORBEOS OLED products is proof that OLED technology is no longer just a light solution for design purposes but is also suitable for functional lighting. With a performance level of 40 lumen per watt currently, the new ORBEOS OLED panels are almost twice as efficient as the first generation. The brightness and service life performance values have also been doubled.

The advantages of OLED technology in summary

  • glare-free, uniform area light source
  • extremely thin and light
  • good color rendering and high quality light with no delay
  • warm light color, giving a friendly light and comforting atmosphere
  • no UV/IR radiation, so they are ideal for lighting sensitive objects
  • mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • future products can be transparent or flexible

Sandwich Luminaire

Dula installs OSRAM OLEDs in headquarter lobby


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