Rearlight demonstrator with segmented OLEDs

OSRAM presented a second rear light demonstrator in the course of the tenth ‚International Symposium on Automotive Lighting‘ (ISAL) 2013 in Darmstadt. It features OLEDs with segmentation which is another outstanding OLED characteristic.

The lighting area of an OLED can be divided into individual segments sharply separated from each other which can be controlled independently and operated with different brightness generating again completely new effects and unprecedented design.

This demonstrator is equipped with segmented OLEDs each of them having three equal segments.

For the tail light function it is sufficient to use only the middle area of each of the 10 segmented OLEDs to achieve the required ECE brightness. When all 30 segments are utilized, the ECE brightness requirement for a stop light is achieved.

segmented OLED, rear light,

Tail light (10 segments)

segmented OLED, rear light,

Stop light (30 segments)

Operation Mode

Tail light

Stop light

Number of segments 10 30
Luminance 2500 cd/m² 7500 cd/m²
Luminance ~8 cd ~75 cd

Furthermore, the segmentation allows for the application of individual dynamic signatures like welcome scenarios, thus generating additional recognition value. The extremely flat architecture leads to enormous space (and weight)-savings and could someday revolutionize contemporary body construction.

Feature Segmentation