OLED Installation at the OSRAM POC Dresden

OLED panels are shown in various applications at the OSRAM competence center Dresden


The motto of the OSRAM competence centers is "experiencing light". In addition to customer service also the presentation of innovative lighting solutions is a major task of the OSRAM Point of Competence (POC) in Dresden. In order to present the appearance of OLED light, several OLED panels are implemented in the rooms of the POC. By means of a specially designed OLED ceiling lamp, the thinness of the OLED panels is particularly visible. The designed luminaires are equipped with CDW-030 OLEDs.

But the use of OLED technology has not been restricted to the ceiling, also mirroring CMW-031 panels have been installed in wall mirrors. These can be dimmed individually with a modern lighting control and are used for example for greeting scenarios in the form of short text messages. The result is a dynamic effect that act very appealing and stylish through the warm white light.