Bendable OLED, R2D2

Rear light demonstrator with flexible OLEDs

A new and most fascinating feature of OLED is its flexibility. OSRAM presented a rear lamp demonstrator with flexible OLEDs. The bendable light source opens a completely new design dimension for designers.

Completely new effects can be realized in combination with the flexible properties. Two flexible OLEDs are assembled in this tail light. The luminous surface of each OLED consists of 3 segments, which are individually controllable and dimmable. When a voltage is applied to a segment and current flows through the device, the luminaire generates light. The OLEDs in the demonstrator use stainless steel as substrate, a robust material suitable for automotive conditions. Besides concave and convex bending, they feature incisions in the lighting area and even a hole in the centre of the substrate – thus highlighting the freeform design enabled by this innovative flexible lighting technology. The lamp with two OLED modules already fulfils the ECE norms regarding emission colour and luminous intensity for rear position lamps (tail lamps).

The flexible OLEDs are processed in a planar condition, bent into the final shape and fitted into a holder. The streamlined architecture of OLED saves a lot of space and weight in the design and the luminous surface achieves a high homogeneity without complicated light management solutions. One day, automotive lighting design and the car body construction can thus be revolutionized.


  • 3 individually addressable OLED segments
  • ECE conform red emission
  • Bendable steel substrate
  • Thickness: ~225μm


  • 2.5 dimensional OLED light source
  • Segments individually dimmable
  • Convex and concave bending possible
  • Design freedom

This demonstrator was created in cooperation with Audi AG and Hella KGaA Hueck & Co in the framework of the research project “R2D2”. The work is funded by the BMBF under grant no. 13N12944.

Feature: bendability R2D2-Project