Rearlight demonstrator with transparent and mirror OLEDs

With their fascinating and unique features OLEDs differ from common light sources and enable completely new design and high quality lighting solutions in automotive industry.

The flat area light sources are an eye-catcher even when the light is turned off as they can have a reflective or transparent look. Besides various applications in the interior, in suitable luminaires they are also perfectly suited for signal lighting in the exterior and will generate luminous accents in future.

The first rear light demonstrator which was presented at the VISION conference in Paris and the electronica in Munich in 2012 features both transparent and reflective OLEDs.

Three transparent and three reflective round shaped OLEDs are arranged at intervals of some centimeters with some smaller OLEDs in between indicating the stop light.

With this setup a depth and 3D effect is created. The transparent OLEDs can act like a light curtain hiding the other OLEDs, and functions like stop light can be turned on surprisingly. Thus, novel effects like the impression of ‚light out of the nothing’ can be achieved and considerably more creative freedom for designers and system developers arises.

The demonstrator already fulfills the ECE and SAE requirements in terms of color and light intensity for the taillight function.

transparente OLED

"Light out of the nothing" – brake light function