OSRAM OLED in automotive serial production

Copyright: Odelo Ltd.

As a technology and innovation leader for automotive lighting solutions, Osram is now providing OLED technology for the rear lights as first application.

OSRAM offers OLEDs with customer-specific designs. In the rear lights of the new BMW M4 GTS and Audi TT RS, OLEDs by Osram OLED GmbH are mounted, currently the only supplier of this innovative lighting technology for automotive use.

Press release: BMW M4 GTS- and AUDI TT RS- RCL (Rear combination lamp)

Intensive work is going on to develop further product generations with new features, e.g. bendable OLEDs, for the automotive market.

Application in general illumination

OLED provides many advantages compared to previous standard technologies.

  • Design meets functionality
  • Flat device architecture
  • Segmentation
  • Very uniform lighting area
  • Glare free
  • Eye-catcher
Have a look at a tail light with OLED on YouTube