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Company history

1996Start of OLED research at OSRAM and Siemens
1998Founding of OLED display business segment at Siemens Semiconductors (later OSRAM Opto Semiconductors)
1999Ramp-up of an OLED display production line in Penang, Malaysia
2004Kick-Off for the EU funded project OLLA (Organic LEDs for Lighting Applications), the first European initiative for OLED lighting
2005Establishment of an OLED Lighting department at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg-Burgweinting
2006Ramp up of the development line in Regensburg-Burgweinting
2007Ramp up of the first pilot line
Focus on lighting applications and shutdown of the display production
2008Successful closure of the OLLA-project (30 lm/W)
World’s first commercial OLED luminaire „Early Future“ by Ingo Maurer with OSRAM OLEDs
2009Successful closure of the BMBF funded project OPAL2008 (62 lm/W)
World’s first fully qualified OLED product (ORBEOS CDW-031)
2010Launch of PirOLED, the first OLED designer luminaire by OSRAM
World’s first longtime OLED installation during EXPO in Shanghai (6 months)
Planning of second pilot line and move to Regensburg-West
2011Successful closure of the EU funded projects CombOLED (wet coated OLEDs) and OLED100.eu (60 lm/W with improved lifetime)
87 lm/W lab performance for white OLED and world record efficacy of 32 lm/W for flexible, white OLEDs (4000K) in the framework of the BMBF funded project TOPAS2012
OSRAM designer Luminaire Airabesc wins multiple awards (Red Dot, Good Design Award, Interior Design Award, Nominee German Design Award)
Opening of the second improved pilot line in Regensburg
2012Successful closure of the BMBF funded project TOPAS2012 (e.g. transparent OLEDs)
2nd generation OLED products with 40 lm/W and 10000 h lifetime (L70) from the pilot line
First milestone in automotive development with high temperature stable OLEDs
20133D MID Industry Award for ORBEOS Air Module
Automotive milestone reached with 3000 h lifetime (L70) under automotive conditions
Successful closure of the BMBF funded project Genesis (development of production technologies)
2014Samples with 65 lm/W at 3000 cd/m² and 15000 h lifetime (L70) from the pilot line
Founding of OSRAM OLED GmbH
OSRAM OLED GmbH receives ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification
2015BMW M4 concept car “Iconic Lights” with OSRAM OLEDs at CES
Audi etron concept car with OSRAM OLEDs at IAA
2016OSRAM is the first supplier worldwide to provide OLEDs in series, into the rear lights of BMW M4 GTS and AUDI TT RS