SOLEDLIGHT (Solution Processed OLEDs for Lighting) is a research project for organic light emitting Diodes (OLEDs) funded by the European commission under the HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme (project ID 643791). Together with universities, research centers and other leading technology companies, OSRAM OLED GmbH will exploit the two main outputs during the lifetime of the research project:

  • In order to achieve the energy saving targets of the European commission, the project consortium will develop multilayer OLEDs with luminous efficacies higher than 100 lm/W and lifetimes exceeding 15,000 cd/m².
  • Today the common way for OLED panel production is the vapor deposition of small molecule materials in vacuum chambers. One aim of the SOLEDLIGHT project is to evaluate new solution based manufacturing processes. It is part of the project to produce OLEDs in sheet to sheet and in a roll to roll process.

SOLEDLIGHT has gathered a consortium comprising OSRAM OLED GmbH (leading OLED manufacturer and integrator), Solvay (leading OLED materials manufacturer), TNO/Holst Centre (an excellence centre for organic devices with a state-of-the-art R2R line and leading universities in the field (Univ. Valencia, EPFL and Imperial College). The participation of OSRAM OLED GmbH ensures a rapid transfer to future products. The luminaire “ASPO” designed and realized by OSRAM OLED GmbH uses OLEDs and developed materials provided by project partner.

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