Installations with OSRAM OLEDs

OLED, ORBEOS, Dandelion

The light installation “Dandelion”

Project: “Dandelion”

From November 2012 to February 2013 OSRAM presented the OLED installation „Dandelion“ in the BMW Museum in Munich. Containing about 1.000 OLEDs, the installation featured a dynamic lighting scenario which fascinated spectators already during the light & building fair in April 2012 in Frankfurt/Main.

Realisation: BMW Museum, bfm, axis, OSRAM

OLED, ORBEOS, Dandelion
OLED, ORBEOS, Dandelion

Worldwide first longterm OLED installation during EXPO 2010

Project: OLEDs in a living room scenario in the „We are the world“ pavilion

During the EXPO 2010 from 1 May to 31 October in Shanghai sustainability was the key topic. Besides efficient LED lighting solutions it was the first time that a longterm installation based on the future technology OLED was shown.

In the „We are the world“ pavilion a living room scenario was presented which featured the light of approximately 100 OLED ORBEOS panels from OSRAM creating a comfortable atmosphere. The mirror type surfaces of the OLED light sources were a special eye-catcher, perfectly matching the slightly futuristic design of the luminaires.

Realisation: Siemens, RSL, OSRAM

OLED,hospitality, EXPO 2010

A photo booth with interactive shutter release and OLED flash

Project: „Thermobooth”

“Thermobooth” puts a new spin on the photo booth experience by combining a more human based interaction with electronics. A high-tech OLED mirror acts as a flash and display simultanously, a camera, conductive plates and thermal printing technology make the photo studio setting complete.

The “Thermobooth” features a new shutter release system in which skin contact between two people triggers a set of processes that result in a glorious lo-fi instant thermal-printed picture.

Yes, it takes a picture when you touch each other! We are opening a stage for playfulness and the unexpected.

Designer: taliaYstudio (Talia Radford, Lena Goldsteiner, Jonas Bohatsch)

Realisation: taliaYstudio, OSRAM OLED Applikations-Team