OLED ideas for mobile applications and gadgets on sketch level

The multi-functional accessory “LOVED”

Project: „LOVED”

“LOVED” is a portable accessory. It is versatile usable and simple. The plastic coated, portable OLED is located in a snap.

With this hook, the lamp can be placed anywhere. This could be on a bike or backpack as a signal light or at your trousers as a key ring. It offers multiple functions such as a torch light, a signal light or even a vanity mirror when switched off.

Designer: Francesco Casiglione Morelli

Fascinating light reflections

Project: „Magic Mirror”

“Magic Mirror” is a series pattern and light studies, aimed at creating surprising magical illusions by multiplying the light emitted by the technology with the semi-transparent reflective qualities of commercially available magic mirrors in combination with the reflective OLEDs.

The results are three decorative applications, from small-scale desktop photo frames, to wall-mounted mirrors and high-tech tile systems.

Designer: taliaYstudio (Talia Radford, Lena Goldsteiner)

Mirror OLEDs as growth aid

Project: „Plant Multiplicator”

The “Plant Multiplicator” is a series of conceptual objects designed to light up the living environment.

The objects use a combination of matt and glossy, conductive and non-conductive materials to encase house plants in combination with, and sometimes integrated with, reflective OLEDs. The OLEDs are used at times to visually multiply the plants, i.e. make a “forest” out of a single plant. But most importantly they act as integrated soil moisture indicators thanks to embedded technology. Inspired by a battery which can be created from a lemon by just putting two copper and zinc nails into the fruit, electrochemical properties of the soil are exploited. If the soil is too dry or if more fertilizer is needed, the OLEDs will not be lit any longer.

Designer: taliaYstudio (Talia Radford, Lena Goldsteiner)

The infinite game idea

Project: „Never Ending Story”

The starting point for „Never Ending Story“ are interactive children books which enlarge the space of experience by the use of foldable moving elements and audio effects.

The present concept utilises printed images of certain characters on foils which are laminated to transparent OLEDs. They can be integrated as partially moveable elements into the children books. They contain a small rechargeable battery which can be loaded in a charging station.

The „infinite“ ascpect of this idea lies in the multiple areas of application which can be realised with the basic concept.

Besides many topics covered in children books (fairy-tales, learning books) one can imagine the use in night-lights, mobilé luminaires, as christmas tree jewelry, lighting board game characters (especially in fantasy role plays) or as simple merchandise gadgets to represent cartoon characters, sports idols or favourite musicians.

Designer: Kristian Söhl, Catherine Hug, Hyve innovation team, OSRAM OLED application team

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