OLED ideas for installations in rendering presentation

Room separator “Modulux”

Project: “Modulux”

The “Modulux” is a tissue-like room divider that can be sized as desired due to its modularity. The light dimensional structures have a textile look. The OLEDs in this concept do not appear as single objects but as a woven composition created by single elements. The concept is infinitely expandable and changeable. Due to their flexibility the OLEDs can be easily moved to create a three–dimensional light carpet.

Designer: Antonio Tramontin


Sun shade at day – Light source at night

Project: Light sail

Due to the thinness of OLED panels they can be integrated nearly seamlessly into area materials. Thus it is possible to turn a sun shade into a uniform and glare-free light source for indoor and outdoor applications during night. The combination with solar cells is conceivable. Thereby, an ecological and power supply independent lighting would be reached, which collects the sunlight during the day and delivers atmospheric illumination on evenings. Applications are for example in restaurants and hotels, but also in private homes are imaginable, in particular for events and parties.

Designer: Kiska GmbH