Ideation Pool

Here you will find a collection of ideas how lighting applications can be enriched with OLED technology and its features.

The ideas are presented in groups of 4 different application fields and 3 different readiness levels. The application segments are luminaires, automotive, gadgets and installations. The 3 readiness levels are defined as sketches, renderings and prototypes. Sketches are ideas in a rather basic state. Very often, the level of detail is limited and the pictures are mostly scribbles or drawings. Renderings are presented on a higher level. In particular, the pictures may appear photorealistic. Neither with sketches nor with renderings a physical built-up was realised. In contrary, prototypes are real hardware demonstrators. However, they are not commercialised, i.e. they are not available as products.

The descriptions of the ideas shall reveal the possibilities which can be created by the help of OLED technology. The ideas originate from various cooperations with designers, students, prototype manufacturers and also customers.