Sun visor with integrated OLED vanity mirror

The idea of a vanity mirror in an automotive sun visor is rather straightforward due to the mirror-like off-state appearance of OLEDs. The realization can be done in two ways.

A full area lighting OLED can be treated by suitable structuring processes in such a way that only a frame lights up. In the operational mode the centre area remains a true mirror.

A standard mirror is prepared with transparent keep-out areas. Behind these areas OLEDs with adequate size are fixed.

The second solution is slightly thicker than the first one, but both can be mounted into a standard sun visor without any problems.

Realisation: OSRAM OLED application team

OLED Vanity mirror, Interior

Colour switchable RCL

Colour switchable rear combination light based on a Golf Plus luminaire housing

In order to show features one needs demonstrators. The starting situation was an existing circular OLED format with 8 cm lighting diameter and the idea to demonstrate colour switchability between indicator and taillight function.

A screening of market available rearlights revealed that a Golf Plus luminaire could be a suitable match for the realisation of the idea. After being stripped off its internal components, the center element was equipped with a green OLED. In front of the green one, a transparent red OLED was mounted. By switching on just the red OLED, the taillight function is realized. By adding the light of the green OLED and tuning the brightness levels, the yellow colour for the indicator function can be achieved.

Smaller OLEDs were added to support the light functions and for design completion purpose.

Realisation: OSRAM OLED application team

Headlamp with OLED turn indicator

OLED turn indicator

Basis for this prototype is the headlamp of a BMW 6. Instead of LEDs five OLEDs are used as a turn indicator in the lower part of the lamp creating a novel appearance both in the off state and when turned on. Especially the mirror characteristic of the OLEDs matches perfectly with the reflector environment. The OLEDs have been implemented by ZIZALA Lichtsysteme GmbH / ZKW Group.

Realisation: ZIZALA Lichtsysteme GmbH / ZKW Group