OLED Skulptur Specosphere

„Specosphere“ is a luminaire whose protagonist and the structural element is the OLED. The purpose of this project is to give a three-dimensional form to the OLED’s two-dimensional shape making this new technology a principal and unique structural element.

„Specosphere“ is a luminaire that can be either hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground.

The form chosen is the sphere, a sphere consisting solely of OLED mirrors, interconnected by circular elements that contain and conceal the electrical wiring connection. As a luminaire to be placed on the ground, it has a base of an aluminum mirror, which provides stability and allows for the electrical wiring to pass and to connect to the plug in the wall.

It could be scaled in different dimensions, e.g. consisting of 21 OLEDs, 42 OLEDs or 84 OLEDs.

Furthermore, it is a luminaire suitable for all needs and spaces: apartment buildings open spaces, hotels, houses as well as restaurants.

Designer: Flavia Aprilini


This interior luminaire combines the aspects of interior design, innovation and usefulness in a successful way. “Drone” is a modular interior light with futuristic shape and has the appearance of a drone. The lamp consists of the basic body and several modules or individual parts of OLEDs. The OLED panels are extremely thin and flexible. That makes them appear like thin glowing wings that seem to be in motion.

Each module contains two OLEDs which can be turned by 45 degrees. When connecting the modules to each other, turnability by 360 degrees is even possible leading to a large range of variations.

Since the OLEDs are very thin they appear like wings in motion.

Designer: Mattia Saccani



OLED luminaire Rendering

Nostalgic chandeliers were yesterday. This luminaire is a new interpretation of a chandelier with OLED technology. The OLED is used in form of a triangle. It can be also made transparent. This creates a three dimensional, glowing entity.

“Chandelier” consists of 20 triangular facets, each facet has a different light intensity. The result is a sparkling, ambient glow.

The OLEDs are wired separately enabling variations of colour and intensity.

Designer: Dominic Harris

OLED luminaire Rendering