„OLED Bathroom Mirror“

Bathroom mirror

This rendering of a bathroom mirror shows the benefit of OLED use. Due to their flatness it is possible to place the OLED panels at the back side of the mirror for ambient illumination. The OLEDs on the front-side provide soft but direct lighting. When switched off, the panels add additional mirror surface. This special feature is visible at the cosmetic mirror, where a certain part can be turned into a lighting area.

This project was awarded with the first prize of the design competition within the European funded “CombOLED” project.

Hannes Geipel is a freelance industrial designer. Since graduating in 2012 he is working for several international brands and agencies

Designer: Hannes Geipel

Contact: Hannesgeipel

OLED Bathroom mirror

„Light Train“


All good things come from above - freedom for the installation. If you have special talents – show them. Thin OLED elements nestle up against the ceiling. Glare-free lighting of the latest generation is connected through high-quality channels.

This is how an elegant and authentic way of illuminating a room in a modern way looks today. And thanks to the simple yet state-of-the-art technology the power drill will soon be a thing of the past.

Designer: Simon Brünner

„OLED lamp shade“

Lamp shades are used often for decorative luminaires because they reduce the glare of very bright bulbs. Everyone knows the fabric-covered floor or table luminaires that illuminate the room soft and cozy. For decorative designs various translucent materials such as the already mentioned fabric, frosted glass or even paper are available. The goal is to create a glare-free luminous body having a large area instead of the very bright light bulb. The disadvantage is that much light is wasted by absorption. Because OLEDs are area light sources with moderate brightness density, they can be used for new decorative luminaires as well as functional lights. The OLED can be operated at rather low brightness, since the light is produced without absorption losses.

In the renderings several luminaire concepts are illustrated in which the OLEDs take over the function of the lamp shade itself. Especially for flexible OLEDs very aesthetic and energy-saving design possibilities will arise.

Designer: OSRAM OLED Application Team

Illuminating desk separator

OLED light elements are area light sources that generate glare-free light. Especially at workplaces, this can help to reduce the tiredness. Placing OLED tiles in between two desks as a separator, a double benefit can be achieved. Glare-free light in the vertical plane illuminates the desk and acts as substitute for natural window light. It also provides a spatial separation between the individual work areas. Furthermore confidentiality and secrecy can be achieved if necessary. By using transparent OLEDs, it is possible to switch between an open and a privacy atmosphere.

Designer: Kiska GmbH

OLED office